Our Testimonials

We were so double minded about whether my son would be comfortable and enjoy preschool, but within a few days we realized that it was the best decision had ever made. There was a lot of improvement in his activities and he started speaking., Interacting. He has also become more creative and innovative. The kids galaxy has the best caring, patient and kind teachers. They are superb!! The wonderful thing about the school is the different fun activities and programs that they conduct. It is a treat to watch the kids perform in different activities.Special mention to the syllabus, Which is structured in such a way as to fine tune kids' thinking processes and activities.. Thanks to all the teachers and the management for the great support.

Parents of Kirthik Lakshman

Kids Galaxy aims at quality & pursuit of excellence in all fields. The Kids love to play and enjoy themselves and that’s what education is all about. Kids Galaxy’s friendly environment, caring staff & the diet chart followed by them has helped our son to inculcate his eating habits. Thank You Kids Galaxy’s all we could say in return. We wish Kids Galaxy to rise to greater heights.

Parents of Ashish Banerjee

Kids Galaxy, Virugambakkam is really an excellent station for strong foundation. It includes Pre-KG, play school and daycare. Our daughter Shruthi is enjoying her Pre-KG there. Being directed by Mrs. Indra (very friendly & dynamic), this school is very active throughout the year.This school is ideal for hyperactive children, as they are engaging their wards all the time. Apart from academics they are conducting lot of competitions such as fancy dress, rhymes, story telling, etc. Also, daily, the children are exposed to different activities such as singing, dancing, yoga etc. My elder daughter (studying V Std) is really envy of her sister enjoying fun & frolic throughout the year, since she didn’t do her Pre-KG here.Initially on seeing the syllabus for a term, we thought it was too much for our daughter's level. But after observing my daughter's performance, I come to a conclusion that we only underestimated our daughter's IQ. This is possible because of the excellent coaching and individual care given by them.Lot of celebrations are celebrated by Galaxy people which includes fruit salad day, Diwali & Christmas. Shabby day, Water day, Nature walk, Germination of seed etc, through which the students are able to learn a lot. Every year, they are visiting various spots such Guindy park, Anna tower, etc.We really thank the teachers Mrs. Beena and Mrs. Uma for their sincere coaching. Mrs.Indira is able to achieve this success because of the good support from all staff members. Hope this institution will be THE BEST for preprimary in Chennai within few years.

Parents of Shruti

I am Mrs. Anandhi Sekar, mother of Karthik Srinivas and Akshaya, stars of Kids Galaxy. I still remember the day June 18th 2007 (Monday), the first day for both Kids Galaxy and my child Karthik. Yes, Karthik (2 years 3 months) joined the school on the first day itself. I saw a remarkable development in my first child who spoke very little for his age. The Director Mrs. Indra Muruganandam conducts many competitions and functions for both kids, parents and grandparents. Kids Galaxy maintains a very good and healthy relationship between parents and school staffs which is a very essential. No one can forget the grand first Annual day celebrations on April 13th 2007 (Saturday). Really, we all are surprised and I hope the same surprise will be in coming years also. My Daughter Akshaya is also enjoying the school very much. She is very eager to go school daily. I am very happy to see the smiling faces of my children from school and I feel that I put my kids in a safe and secure place. Regarding eating habits, I appreciate diet chart since it is healthy for kids. I am attracted by the Parents meeting, Color week, Salad Day. Birthday chart, Chocolate name for sections, syllabus pattern for each term etc. I pray God for showering the institution with happiness and prosperity since your institution has the duty to develop more STARS in future

Anandhi Sekar, mother of Karthik Srinivas and Akshaya

Environment is apt for our kids here. They do play, watch visuals, learn rhymes, mingle with other kids, start moving socially, learn table manners, toilet habits etc. (lots to tell) Kids Galaxy have very good staffs. They treat all kids as their children. Systematic procedure is going on.Children start their simple education & learning here. They also prepare the kids mentally for their future interviews in school.

I am very happy about keeping my child at KIDS GALAXY.

Ramya mother of Harshini

Infinite power and existence and blessedness are ours, and we have not to acquire them – Swami Vivekananda. We as parents had never a chance before to realize the importance of play school education. Like many others had reservations on why to spend on playschool? What better can the child be taught here than at home? Will it really be a value add? All these questions had a meaningful outcome at Kids Galaxy. We were astonished when my daughter did well in communication – without any fear, self-confidence at the age of 2.

She was able to tell five THIRUKURALS, AATHICHUVADI, Rhymes with all clarity & action if required and an enthusiasm to participate. Since then our friends had identified that she is blessed with good teachers and a school that manifests value education. I have experienced a 360° growth in my daughter and I mean it. I was a teacher at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Nadiad – Gujarat that I could realize how well Mrs. Indra has given a shape to this school.

Thank you and wish this school becomes indeed “ Station For Strong Foundation”

Subhashini & Raakesh Parents of Suganthashree

After my daughter joined Kids Galaxy, we were able to see a lot of changes with respect to her communication style and interaction with others. She was able to recite Rhymes, Slokas, Thirukkurals, Aathichudi?s and even Stories with proper clarity and intonations. As parents, even we are so excited and thrilled whenever they celebrate Fruits Salad Day, Water Day, Jungle Trip, Traditional Day, Shabby Day and Colour week etc., At this tender age, activities should be play oriented and all the learning should happen through fun. If it becomes too academic, then the whole arena of a child?s social, mental, physical and emotional development disappears. We are really thankful to Mrs Indra as Kids Galaxy is not focusing on only academics but also with other creative and dynamic activities. My daughter has become more independent & confident now and her social skills, motor skills and thinking skills have also developed.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs. Beena & Mrs. Uma and all other staff members. ?Kids go where there is excitement; they stay where there is love?. There is no exaggeration if we say Kids Galaxy exists with these words. Kids Galaxy stands unique in celebrating ?Grandparents Day?. Hats Off. We would pray to god that Kids Galaxy should attain much more success in the upcoming years and also Mrs Indra to receive many more awards in future in the field of education.

Ramya & Aravind - Parents of Shreya Aravind